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The sales of Dito XH and Auchy V6/X6 exceeded 20000 units in new launches

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On December 26, 2017, at the Feidie Auto decade Development Strategy Fair and 2018 Business Annual meeting, Feidie launched two "cool techs"-Dito XH and Auchy V6/X6.Two “cool techs”are the first to adopt intelligent and car-connected technologies in the industry.The sales is 20186 units in new launches.

Dito XH: Intelligent upgrade, power performance increase by 9%, vehicle reliability increased by 60%.

Dito XH is newely-developed medium truck,continues the high-end product positioning of the brand, mainly undertake the medium and long distance intercity transportation, inter-city logistics distribution.

Auchy V6/X6: Climbing ability Improved ,maximum payload up to 20tons

Based on the concept of easy freight forwarder, Auchy V6/X6 aims at the brand-new design and development of the high-end light truck platform in the intercity and urban high-efficiency logistics market