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A Journey of Challenge in “Fire Continent” ——Brand New Dito Endures the Test in Extremely High Temperature

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Recently, in “Fire Continent”, Turpan,China, 7 brand new Feidi models completed the high temperature experiment. New came that technical parameters of all vehicle are in line with national standards and meet design requirements. 

As technician introduced, this experiment required an extremely high temperature of 40℃ or the above, then test the specific performance indicators of engine along the slope with a maximum torque. Limited by the Field condition, technician came out an idea to trail with load to finish the test.

Tongqiang Tang, the test driver, excited to tell the journalist “it’s been the third time that I have been involved in this experiment. I can tell the increasingly stable performance year on year by that departure from our hometown, this truck has run for more than 9,000 km without any defects.”

As shaohong Hao, the team leader, shared the details:” the Thermal Balance Test is the end of this task out. All models are improved based on existing mature products. It turned out that experiment on specific items went on well and all specifications were in line with the design requirements. Two days later, the team will continue the journey to Golmud for Plateau test.” 

As the officially issued, the models involved in test are 3 Dito, 2 W3 and 1 W4 of WAW. They Feidi members would ran through Flaming Mountains and passed through Gobi. It would take 20 days to complete more than 10 calibration and test and environmental adaptability test, such as hot start and repeated start, thermal balance test of whole vehicle, test of heat insulation and ventilation in cabin.