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Uganda Agriculture Minister, Vincent, attended the corn harvesting ceremony in the Sino-Uganda (Wuzheng) Agricultural Demonstration Garden

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On June 27th, local time in Uganda, the corn harvesting ceremony was held in Wuzheng East Africa(Uganda) Agricultural Development Co., Ltd., in the Sina- Uganda Agricultural Development Demonstration Garden. The company was located on the shore of Lake Keogaga in Kayonga, Uganda, covering 3100. More than 3100 mu. Uganda National Agriculture Minister Vincent, Chairman of Wuzheng Group, Jiang Weidong, and Professor of Yunnan Corn University Corn Research Institute, Ji Yunyu, attended the opening ceremony.

Vincent affirmed the contribution of the Wuzheng Group in promotions of  mechanized operations,  local employment, and local economic and social development. He also said: "Our government would fully support Wuzheng Group to expand its businesses in Uganda."