WAW rewards its employees with a new gymnasium

Date:Nov 21,2014

WAW targets wellness in the workplace to make healthier, happier employees.

“My employees are my most valuable assets,” said Chairman and President of the Wuzheng Group Weidong Jiang.

“I built a company gym and a ping pong hall for my employees to let them experience activities outside work because everybody needs a break once in a while.”

“And also because regular exercise helps you perform better at work, sleep better at night and gives you more energy for your family,” he said.

WAW’s website administrator Yong Liang (pictured) says, “Ping Pong helps me control my weight and socialize with coworkers outside my department that I wouldn’t necessarily get to meet, he said”

“I like how it’s an indoor, non-seasonal sport. “That can be play all year round, day or night, so there’s no need to worry about bad weather.”

“Best of all it’s so easy to play, yet difficult to master.”

All WAW employees are free to exercise in the company gym and play ping pong during their lunch break, after work and on weekends.

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