Wuzheng Expands in Middle-Asian Market through “The Belt and Road” Strategy

Date:Jun 17,2015

Wuzheng’s Chairman, Weidong Jiang, was invited to attend and give speech on Sino-middle Asia cooperation forum

On June 15th,Weidong Jiang, chairman of Wuzheng, was invited to the third Sino-Middle Asia Cooperation Forumand to give speech on behalf of large-scaled companies.

Jiang said:’’ the Silk Road, whose eastern bridgehead, Rizhao, is the starting, transferring and sea gate, is the bridge to connect trading and civilization China and middle Asian countries, which providesconvenience for go-global of Chinese companies.

 As Jiang, Wuzheng’s exporting network has covered 40+ countriesand states mainly in Africa, Middle East, south Latin, Southeast Asia, and middle Asia, achieving sales of16.8 billionin 2014. When reviewed with the macro-strategy under such economic background as mentioned on the conference, Jiang was very positive and pleased to share that Wuzheng has built partnership with Turkmenistan, 3000+mechinerieshave been sold there.


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