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Dr. Sing Liu was appointed the Vice President of Quality Assurance at Wuzheng in 2012. In this role Dr. Liu is responsible for assuring Wuzheng meets or exceeds customer expectations and the quality regulations in markets around the world.

Dr. Liu grew up in the United States and earned his undergraduate degree in Automotive Engineering from Wayne State University. He then worked at the Ford Motor Company in Michigan for 17 years. He returned to China in 2007.

While working at Ford he went on to complete a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering at Wayne State University. Then several years later he completed a Master's in Business Administration and a Doctorate in Thermo Mechanical and Automatic Safety simultaneously at the University of Michigan.

In his final years at the Ford Motor Company he played a vital role as a project engineer in Ford’s Six Sigma Quality Department. His role and contribution at Ford was recognized in 2003 when he received Ford’s Six Sigma Black Belt. This experience proved invaluable upon his return to China.

Dr. Liu was one of a select team of senior engineers asked to open Wuzheng’s Research and Development (R & D) Institute in Rizhao.

“My colleagues and I setup the automotive R&D institute from virtually nothing,” said Dr. Liu.
“We set up new departments and processes that enable Wuzheng’s products to compete on an international playing field.

“We have recruited, and continue to recruit, renowned local and international experts for Wuzheng’s R&D Institute. In 2007 we had no more than 30 employees. Today we have more than 150 employees working on today’s design and manufacturing solutions for tomorrow’s products.”

Today Dr. Liu continues to play a vital role in forging Wuzheng’s R&D institute as the Vice President of Quality Assurance by leading programs and initiatives in automotive and agricultural machinery design and manufacturing.

Dr. Liu, believes he made the right decision to return to China. He says, “Working at Wuzheng allows me to utilize both my practical and academic knowledge gained in the US to help build a new future for our company.”

Outside of work Dr. Liu is a professor at Qufu Normal University, a prominent university in the Shandong Province, and lectures in Electrical Automation once each week to undergraduate students.

“I love school, that’s why I teach,” Said Dr. Liu. I love teaching but not as much as I love working. ”

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