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  • Name: Dr. Yongquan Liu
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Dr. Liu was appointed Deputy Director and Executive Vice President of Wuzheng’s Automotive Research and Development (R&D) in 2007.

Dr. Liu is an engineer, a scholar and a teacher. He was born in Rizhao and achieved a Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering from Shandong Polytechnic University in1982.After completing his undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering he went on to teach at Shandong Science and Engineering University from 1982 until 1985.

His research enabled him to solve what many regarded as an unsolvable mathematical equation and in 1989 he was admitted to the Doctoral program at the University of Virginia. Dr. Liu received his Doctorate in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in 1993.

He then joined Ford's Product Development Department as a senior Engineer and worked with other engineers to design more efficient systems and processes and to develop new components. He served in several positions within the Product Development Department where engineers work together to design systems, processes and components from concept to production.

In Dr. Liu’s final years at Ford he kept a close eye on China’s manufacturing industry. After being impressed by China’s progress Dr. Liu decided to step out of early retirement and return to China to work for the Wuzheng Group.

“I kept learning about China’s progression and wanted to jump on board,” said Dr. Liu.
“So I decided to step out of early retirement to help improve Wuzheng.”

“I liked the possibility of facing new and exciting challenges and the opportunity to return to my home and work in China again.”
Dr. Liu specialized in computer stimulation which helps perfect the company`s management of resources and manpower, improves efficiency and reduces waste.

“We try to use computer simulation as much as possible at Wuzheng,” said Dr. Liu. “We can use computers to calculate the changes in the structure. Computer simulation is very valuable as it saves the company both time and money and results in quality that makes us competitive internationally.”

“I came to Wuzheng and use my industry knowledge and experience to help build the company’s research and development system. “I help train Wuzheng’s young engineers who are working on some exciting projects”. “I train no more than 15 engineers at one time.” “I enjoy watching their progress and knowing we are building tomorrow’s future,” said Dr. Liu.

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