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Multi-D life, “also” played ---Multi-dimensional life experiences with an all-round player, Dito

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On November 4, 2017, at the 2018 China Commercial Vehicles Show (CCVS 2017), was the release of dual-row seat, caravanning and new energy trucks. Visitors can anticipate a trend in the truck industry and a future life interconnecting futuristic truck designs with new technologies and concepts.


This launch event was endorsed by Yukai, the Secretary of the Party committee, Wangjin, the director of CATARC, Chen Shihua, the Assistant Secretary General of CAAM, Shaozhen, the chairman of Autohome, Jiang Chunsheng, Zuo Futao, the Dean assistant of Hanyang Special Vehicle Research Institute and Jiang Wenjuan, the general manager of Feidi Auto.


An attractive star, Dito EX made its first appearance. As Jiang Wenjuan shared, “Dito EX is a zero-emission model, whose service life of its core parts can reach 20,000 km / 6 years and the capacity of cargo box can be 12m³. In the aspect of safety and intelligent design, model EX adopts a multidimensional safety design... We aim at providing a 24-hour remote service system to monitor vehicle safety in real time, by sending timely warnings, giving you all day care through its WISO IOT.” 

Of course, the most important thing is that the new energy vehicle can enjoy the national and provincial subsidy policy, and the purchase tax is exempt. In addition, a savings of 20 yuan per hundred kilometres compares to fossil fuel (natural gas and oil) vehicles of the same grade. In other words, you can save 10000 yuan a year, and the maintenance cost can be saved by more than 1000 yuan a year.

At the press conference, the audience could also see the racing and sanitation model. The aim to exhibit those new models is to demonstrate multi-dimensional life experiences with an all around player, Dito.


In addition to the release of new Feidi products, visitors can experience the charm of "China's truck culture" through the caravanning truck, Wiso IOT , the 3D signing wall and Dito racing model. Dito brings you a relaxed, creative, technical, cultural and routine life.