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10,000,000 bonus for innovative team and individuals Provided on annual appraisal meeting

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On Jan. 20th, Guiyou Zhu, the vice secretary of county party committee and the county mayor, leading a team of local governors presented on Annual Appraisal Meeting in 2016 in Wuzheng headquarters and give a thumb-up to Wuzheng’s merits in last year.  The summit of the conference is the revealing of a huge bonus of 10,000,000 RMB for innovation projects all around the year.

Guiyou Zhu was impressed by the scene and gave 5 phrases to summarized Wuzheng in his view in 2016: smart manufacturing, origination, branding, fresh vitality, and go global. “This juicy fruit is planted by all 14,000 workers in Wuzheng and should be enjoyed by all together. ” as zhu cheered with all worker representatives, “rolling up sleeves!” is his best blessings to workers in Wuzheng.

Weidong Jiang, chairman of Wuzheng group, gave an all-round review in last year in strategic management, business operation, services; and put emphasis on R&D and innovation, craftsmanship as well as branding, reforming, and executing.