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Brand Value of 5.03 Billion

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Ranks the No. 6 among 645 selected mechanical manufacturing brands all over china

On December 12th, the 2016 China Brand Evaluation Press Conference was held in Beijing.  As was reported, Wuzheng was listed as the No. 6 among all mechanical manufacturing brands all over china with brand value of 5.03 billion from 2.219 billion in 2015 and brand strength of 828.

Enjoying the extensive media coverage, The 2016 China Brand Evaluation Press Conference was sponsored by national authority agencies such as CCBD(China Council for Brand Development), Economic Daily, CCPIT(China Council for the Promotion of International Trade), China Appraisal Society and so on.

As an active players, Wuzheng was committed to creating its brand by intensifying brand marketing and management. Wuzheng paid all attention to the consistent branding during real practice. Each fiscal year, Wuzheng would invest 20,000,000 on branding and innovate specific marketing content and types in different market segments, so as to catch the eyes of media and to increases exposure as well.  

In the view of forging a quality brand, Wuzheng tried all the best to build its modern management system. As chairman weidong Jiang expressed “ products are branding, are the absolute principle”, Wuzheng introduced advanced management ideas, and methods like Zero Defects, Performance Excellence Model, 6Sigma, ISO9001, TS16949, lean manufacturing, TUV, SAP-ERP etc., both in domestic and overseas. 

To achieve a competitive brand, Wuzheng has persevered in talents and technology. Since the acquisition of Zhejiang Feidie Company, Wuzheng set about enriching engineering team, founding word-class training center, building technician fostering and evaluation system by introducing talents all over the world. 

For the sake of extensive brand impact, Wuzheng eyed on reputation construction on branding and service. Since the building of a specialized service team in 2013, a wide sales network of 1500+ dealers and 800+ loyal owners, an integrated service system equipped with an accessible call center for 7/24 customer care and service teams of experts and engineers etc.