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“Made in Shandong”, Exported to Southern Asia

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First showup of Wuzheng’s 2000 sanitation equipment in Karachi, Pakistan

On December 4th, the first batch of 2000 units of sanitation equipment were delivered to Karachi, Pakistan to sell towards customers in Southern Asian markets. Wuzheng has speeded up its pace to cover another 5000 units for these markets by the end of this month. Until now, 18,000 auto vehicles and equipment have been shipped to overseas markets.

Different than previous exporting, not only sanitation equipment like compactors, garbage dumpers, hookers, trash cans and trash barrels but an integrated system from trash collection to treatment or recycling was exported. Customized for tropical climate, outstanding and enhanced settings and adjustments such as the right-hand drive, adjustment on clutch, gearbox, hi-low speeds and gradeability were all considered into economic and convenient design.