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2 Winners Exploded the Final Battle of Chinese Master of Machine in Beijing

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Organized by Wuzheng, participated by peasants from 20+ provinces, and broadcasted by 100+media 

On November 11th, the third Chinese Master of Machine ended with a king and a queen masters in CNAEC (National Agricultural Exhibition Center) in Beijing after a final climax of this nationwide battle enjoyed by all drivers organized by Wuzheng group.

This event was successful held in last two years and aimed at providing a platform to have peasants in china to communicate and make friend with each other and to enjoy their life. Started from the February 26th, this event was taken place in 20+ provinces all over china and casted by 100+ media like CCTV News, Xinhua news, New China net, CNR, net ease and so on. 

Through this event, peasants or drivers showed their skills, shared their driving experiences and put forwards their demands and requirements on vehicles. The most eye-catching of this event this year is not only the premium of 100,000 RMB and a tractor of 130 HP and 4wd, but a queen master, Ms. jinxia Wang.