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Brand-new WAW challenged climate extremes

2016.07.21 Clicks: 681 Font size:

On July 21st, 2 new-developed W2 model and 7 WAW with euro V emission. After a departure ceremony, 18 warriors with their weapons, the 9 vehicles to challenge climate extremes---extreme high temperature, extreme cold weather, extreme climate conditions on plateau. 

On July 27th, after 3600km-drive, the 18 warriors arrived “fire state”, Turpan, whose daily temperature in summer is 42℃+. A 20-day test on a series of vehicle performance like the thermal balance would be there for them.

On August 29th, the testing team went to “the roof of the world”, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, to test a series performance like the accelerating in cold. 

Now, the last extreme challenge will be carried on as scheduled in in this winter “Sin0-Russian window”, heihe, whose common temperature in winter is -14~-26℃. Heihe, we are comming!