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A brand-new event aiming caring about all truckers

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A masterpiece created by WAW and customized for all truckers

On May 30th, the brand-new event sponsored by WAW and launched in Tangshan, Hebei province. It would last 2 months in 30+ cities and participated by all truckers all over china. 

With a disruptive idea to really catch the voices of all truckers not only the owners, drivers, and their families of WAW but also of all brands’, this event aimed to provide a sharing platform for all truckers and call on the society to care about this group, and their mental and physical life. 

During this event, you can be member of the trucker group to show off your skills, you can be a social person who really care about them, you can also be a potential buyers or dealer looking for business chances. Whoever you are, you can have fun and find your belonging. And once you are interested, a discount of 2000yuan will be offered to you.

At the backstage, Champion Mr. Jinlei An planned to buy a WAW, when interviewed, he said:”it’s my luck star to help me win the champion, I will buy a WAW to make it luck star of my daily life. ”