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Wuzheng, a notable gainer on 2015 annual awards of china agricultural machinery

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On October 27th, Wuzheng became a notable gainer with 4 star products rewarded as golden, innovative, technology-advanced and excellent brand-new products on 2015 annual awards of china agricultural machinery.

Co-organized and co-hosted by fair, authority, and public-interest centered institutes--- CAAMM (China Association of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers), CAMA (China Agricultural Mechanization Association), CAMDA (China Agricultural Machinery Distribution Association), this event aims to provide a platform to exchange manufacturing ideas, encourage development fruits and lead industrial directions. 

4 products of Wuzheng became the lucky dogs. Renoman tractor of 210hp entitled as the golden products; walking silage of 4QZ-3 won awards of innovative product; MD tractor of 55hp was honored with advanced technology, while the corn harvester of 4YZP-3XH was awarded the outstanding brand new product.