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Jiang Wenjuan introduces Wuzheng philosophy

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On 24th July, an organized training gala was provided for college students with Jiang Wenjuan, CEO of the group, interpreting the philosophical knowledge of WUZHENG.

She says, "First. In the next 10 years, we will adhere to a keynote of openness and innovation. We will establish a problem-solving mechanism based on our acquisition of advanced experience from home and abroad. That is to say, study and innovation are the key words to guide our progress during this period.  Second.  Establish a customer-centered philosophy by restructuring internal processes. Third. An aim-oriented consensus, from top to bottom, will be drawn-up and followed.”

Jiang Wenjuan also expressed her hopes and blessing by saying, “As newcomers, clear career planning is vital for your journey. Whether in society or daily life, a plan-driven life is fruitful. The earlier and clearer your planning is, the more you will get out of life and the more smooth your road ahead will be. ”

 It was understood that essential follow-up courses, such as Introduction to Enterprises, Project Management Systems + Product Development Processes, Quality Management, Lean Production, and Process Technology, would be continued until mid-August.