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Jiang Wenjuan introduced Wuzheng philosophy

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On 24

On 24th July, an organized training gala was provided for college students, and Jiang Wenjuan, CEO of the group, interpreted philosophy knowledge of WUZHENG.

She said:"First, in the next 10 years, we will stick the keynote of openness and innovation . We will establish a problem-solving mechanism based on advanced experience acquisition at home and abroad;in other words,” study and innovation” are the key words and the right order for moves in this period. ; second, establish a customer-centered philosophy and restructure the internal processes; third, aim-oriented consensus from top to bottom will be settled down and followed.”

Jiang Wenjuan also expressed her hopes and blessing: “As a junior comers, a clear career planning is vital for your journey. No matter in society or in daily life, planning-driven and review-guaranteed life is juice and fruitful. The earlier and clearer your planning is, the more you will get and the more smooth your road ahead will be. ”