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120 New University Graduates Join the Wuzheng Family

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On 13th July, 120 university graduates, full of vigor and entrepreneurial dreams, were part of this year’s annual enrollment in Wuzheng.

In order to make the procedure easier for the newcomers, an efficient one-step process was conducted. The process included the submission of education materials, handling of dormitory procedures, meal card applications, charting of daily necessities and more. The whole process, involving all the procedures, took less than ten minutes to complete. As soon as a university student enters the company, he feels the warmth of the Wuzheng family.

Wang Wei said, ”Since an early age, I have known of Wuzheng Group as a powerful and promising enterprise with good development prospects. I join it without hesitation after graduation from University, with a Masters in Engineering specialized in energy and dynamics. Moreover,” he added ”the other reason I chose Wuzheng is that I am a native resident. The emotional bond and responsibilities to families resonates in me and drives me.”

The First class shared by Jiang Weidong, chairman of Wuzheng

Mr Jiang shared the glorious development history to those present:

For more than half a century, the Wuzheng Group has actively responded to major strategies such as reform, restructuring, and conversions of old and new driving forces. And the mysterious weapon lies on continuous development of new products, strengthening of introductory talent, upgrading of manufacturing equipment, and improvement of the management level. Through various means, a diversified industrial pattern of coordinated development of agricultural vehicles, automobiles, agricultural equipment, sanitation equipment and modern agriculture has been formed. Enterprises have stepped along a road of sustainable, high-quality progress.

Having expressed the background and foundation of the company, Mr. Jiang further expressed his suggestions of hope:

You, the new veterans, are fresh blood to drive the reform and progress of our conglomerate. In order to achieve this, and maximize your value, please quickly reset yourselves down to earth, mesh theoretical knowledge you have learned into practice, and grow as excellent scientific and technological engineers and management staff as soon as possible, so as to make due for the modernization of socialism in the new era and for the development of enterprises. It’s not only a blessing but a requirement.

After the class, students visited the Wuzheng Exhibition Center to learn of the company’s developmental history and product lineups such as the FEIDI series, 3MX, and agricultural equipment. Later, a factory tour was arranged for close contact with intelligent manufacturing. Explored was the modern stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly workshops.