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Proposal triggers reading volume of 100k+

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At the Second Session of the 13th National People's Congress, the representative of Jiang Weidong put forward the proposal, based on public opinion, "Breaking the Barriers of the Tonnage Limits of Trucks into the City to Create a Better Business Environment for the Society". The proposal explained how there are many problems in the tonnage limit, and mass utilization factor, which leads to a series of contradictions. Those contradictions being difficulty in licensing, excessive fines, waste of resources, complaints from owners, and oversight difficulties of the government which increases operating costs of the whole society. He suggested:

Reasonably adjust the tonnage limit of the truck into the city from the total mass of 4.5 tons (the load mass of about 2 tons) to the total mass of 7.5 tons (the load of 4.5 tons). Relax the limit line and grant the access of the C license (heavy goods vehicles). 

On March 16th, the WeChat public account huochesijiqun (truck drivers group)  posted this proposal on behalf of Jiang Weidong and set up a voting column "Do you support the representative's suggestion?" In just two days, the reading exceeded 100,000+, and more than 30,000 people participated in the voting. The support rate for the proposal topped out at 97%.Thousands of comments from netizens expressed their own voices and personal feelings. It is understood that the proposal has also been reprinted by a set of mainstream and industrial media sources such as Xinhuanet, People.com, WORKERCN.CN, cqn.com.cn, Industrial and Commercial Times, China Quality News, with a reading volume of 10 million+ clicks.