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Marathon Channel 丨 Feidi Trucks became marathon star

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On May 26th, the Feidi truck served at the marathon site in the 2019 Local Economic and Trade Cooperation Demonstration Zone of SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) in Jiaozhou, Qingdao. It provided quality services for the marathon competition and ran with more than 3,000 runners, becoming the brightest star of the event.

Material logistics star

On May 24th, 7 Feidi trucks arrived at the marathon site transporting materials for the event. Aochi A3, owned by Feidi Auto, is equipped with abundant power, making it very suitable for inter-city logistics and transportation. It was specifically used to transport baffles, road flags, counterweights and other materials for the event. The Feidi light truck is designed small and flexible, making it suitable for all kinds of narrow and crowded city roads. It is very suitable for urban logistics and transportation, and it was well designed to transport supplies for the event.

Feidi trucks ran at the site loaded with supplies and goods, leaving a busy impression throughout the event and becoming the material logistics star of this marathon.

At 8 o'clock on May 26, the marathon officially started. The Feidi trucks cheered on the runners everywhere, and witnessed many wonderful scenes of competing athletes.