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Wuzheng & Feidi products featured in Maixiang on CCTV

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Directed by Gu Jing, and starring Fu Jing and Zhang, is the new TV series Maixiang (also known as Love in Lishui). Maixiang is being broadcast on CCTV’s 20:00 prime time. The story tells of the inspirational life of the most beautiful military spouse, Mai Xiang (Fu Jing). Regardless of fame and fortune, she is devoted to leading the villagers to a common prosperity with Wuzheng & Feidi products perform key roles during the course of the series. Whatever difficulties and dangers she faces, she honors her role as a military spouse.

Since its premiere on CCTV on May 18th, "Maixiang" has caught the attention of all walks of life. The ratings have soared to No.1 for the time slot. Nearly 1 billion views have been reached on Tencent alone.