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2nd Wuzheng Group Employee Mutual Aid Foundation Conference Held

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In the morning of August 10th, 2019, the second Wuzheng Group Mutual Aid Foundation Conference was held at group headquarters. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Hu Naiqin, deputy secretary of the Group Party Committee.

In the meeting, Wuzheng Group’s Articles of the Mutual Assistance Foundation and the Administrative Measures for Mutual Aid Funds were reviewed and approved. The second leadership was also elected including director, chairman, deputy chairman and member of the financial and economic committee.

The Wuzheng Group Employees’ Mutual Aid Association was established by Wuzheng employees. It is designed to help employees suffering from economic difficulties resulting from major illnesses, personal injuries or emergencies. All employees can apply to join voluntarily. Any member can apply for the fund if the member, or member’s children or spouse, encounters financial difficulty in raising funds due to a major illness, personal injury, etc., or if the family burden was still heavy after reimbursement by the social security insurance, or if an economic burden was particularly difficult due to other sudden disasters.