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Feidie Automobile Partnership and Vehicle Launch (meeting China VI emissions standard) Conference

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Feidie is an enterprising and prosperous automobile brand. From the first Aochi automobile, to the award of Chinese Truck of the Year. From the launch of the Dito automobile, to the achievement of an annual production and sales of 20,000 units. Feidie Automobile’s ambitious progression relies on innovation and ingenuity.

     Established Sales Goal of 2019

     Feidie Automobile’s Global Aim

Chairman Jiang Weidong pointed out in his speech that 2019 is an important turning point for the industry. The country is experiencing a rural revitalization ushering in major changes. Private, small and micro business development support policies have been implemented, bringing rare opportunities for commercial development.

The Launch of Feidie Vehicles meeting the China VI Emissions Standard

At the meeting, Feidie Automobile released the GX with single and double cab options. The vehicle complies with the China VI emissions standard. The GX was jointly released by Jiang Weidong, Chairman of Wuzheng Group, Jiang Wenjuan, General Manager of Wuzheng Group, Ge Youyou, Deputy General Manager and Marketing Director of Wuzheng Group, Jia Wei, President of Jinan Logistics Association, and exemplary distributors of Wuzheng Group.

The ambition of Feidie Automobile is strongly based in the present, while planning for the future. In June 2017, Feidie Automobile established its R&D project for automobiles to comply with the China VI emissions standard. At present, Feidie Automobile has already announced 30 vehicles meeting the China VI emissions standard. These 30 vehicles being the first batch of heavy-duty fuel vehicles in China to meet the emissions standard. The company's Dito and Aochi vehicles will be completely declared as meeting the China VI emissions standard in April and July 2019 respectively, and will be launched nationwide.

Release New Energy Vehicles, Win the Blue Sky Defense Battle

At the meeting, Feidie Automobile lauded dealers and service providers with outstanding sales performance and service levels in 2018. Sincerely cooperative and innovative suppliers of high quality products were rewarded.