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Wuzheng Group won the title of the iconic unit of corporate culture construction

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On October 18th, the 2019 China enterprise culture construction (Changsha) summit was held with more than 600 participants, including experts, scholars and corporate leaders from all over the country. At the meeting, the China Enterprise Culture Research Institute commended 70 advanced enterprises and individuals in the cultural construction, and the Wuzheng Group won the title of the iconic unit of corporate culture construction, which is the 4th year in a row that Wuzheng won this honor.

Wuzheng adheres to the scientific development concept of pursuit concentration, mindset shaping and enterprise rising based on culture as always, and actively creates culture complex like“culture of recruitment ”, “culture of further study”, “innovative culture”, “quality culture”, “culture of craftsmanship”, “sharing culture” and “CSR culture”. " Driven by the corporate vision of “Building a centennial enterprise and revitalize our nation Industry” and the enterprise spirit of “Integrity, Collaborative Innovation and Excellence”, Wuzheng guides its employees to work hard for innovation and improvement, to promote the spirit of craftsmanship, acquiring and practising skills towards a master in their fields. At the same time, Wuzheng invested in the construction of the Wuzheng Cultural Exhibition Hall and several employee activity centers for its employees experiencing and integrating into its culture at all times, and sharing the development fruits.

A“five-in”culture project as its name, having Wuzheng culture come in factories, teams, corridors, canteens, and dorms, has been implemented visually, allowing its corporate culture to be touched, and its core values to be identified, and improve the mindset concentration and cohesion. In doing so, the deep innovation of the enterprise will be activated, the core competitiveness of the enterprise will be enhanced, and  the healthy and harmonious development of the enterprise will be promoted gradually .