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Wuzheng Group and China Mobile(Rizhao) signed a 5G strategic cooperation

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In the morning of December 12th, the signing ceremony for the 5G strategic cooperation between Wuzheng Group and China  Mobile(Rizhao) were held at Wuzheng Convention and Exhibition Center. Leadership such as Xue Xiangmin, member of the party group of Wulian Government, Jiang Weidong, chairman of Wuzheng Group, Li Baojun, general manager of China  Mobile(Rizhao branch) attended the signing ceremony.

Xue Xiangmin spoke at the signing ceremony:” the signing ceremony of the 5G strategic cooperation, as a significant and grand milestone, marked a  successful kick-off  of our county  in 5G industry. Currently, on the occasion of persisting in innovation, and focusing on the general goal of enriching the people and strengthening the county, we continue to promote high-quality development from very beginning point, to lay importance on innovation, entrepreneurship, and implementation , while the development of ICT represented by 5G is exactly a major move in the way to consolidate  the innovation. Considering the intention, relevant departments at all levels must continue to promote and support the development of the communications industry, and continue to create a good environment and comprehensive services for 5G construction in all aspects and implementation."

Jiang Weidong share his point of views at the signing ceremony. He pointed :”5G is a new generation of information technology and a major technological revolution that leads to changes in lifestyles and production methods. In recent years, Wuzheng has made great efforts to promote the deep integration of informatization and industrialization, digitalization and intelligence, new agricultural modernization, and the integration of urban logistics networks, and the orderly development of these tasks cannot be achieved without the support of excellent operators such as China Mobile. It is hoped that with the support of our local government, a joint laboratory will be established by the three parties, Wuzheng, China Mobile, and Core Equipment Suppliers, to integrate the new technologies with the business of all parties, achieving ecological advantages and innovation cooperation-driven outcomes. “