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2019 Annual Summary Commendation Congress and 2020 mobilization Conference——Reform-Enabled Vision In 2030

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Jan.16th, in Wuzheng exhibition center, staff representatives and their families ,nearly 2000 participants, were presented at the2019 Annual Summary Commendation Congress and 2020 mobilization Conference.

As the subject”Reform-Enabled Vision In 2030”, all staff moves along the momentum to kick off work in 2020 and vision 2030 through 3 dimensions that implement reform in quality, efficiency, and driving force in positive, and open attitude; apply staff to enabling and growing diligently in knowledge acquisition and talent cultivation ; conduct managerial transforming through global perspectives and vision,  to forge Wuzheng as an industrial navigator achieving high-quality development by applying international standards and providing superior quality.

During the conference, Ms. Jiang Wenjuan reviewed the work in 2019 , deployed targets for 2020, and interpreted strategic planning, mission and value in 2030. As the first year of 2030 strategy, in 2019, a pack of actions were executed like Comprehensive Budget Management System and Zhengtu Plan aiming talent cultivation. At the end of the year,  a renewed core value of “customer centered, perfectionism-driven, responsible, helpful and sharing, work happily, keep learning  ”were refined to gradually improve management with all staff engagement.

Jiangweidong, the chairman of Wuzheng, shared the development history as followings:

”After reform in 2000, Wuzheng suffered a lot such as quality crisis, finance crisis, policy crisis and etc. but survived because of a core philosophy of product innovation, and upgraded manufacturing capability.  Along the road of diversified development,  I hope that every builder shall be committed to our work in 2020,  be confident to achieving goal and efficiency, shape global vision and global development mindset and provide products with leading quality. Building on these foundations, we can realize a new round of innovation-based development to allow Wuzheng strong competition among global players.  ”

Obviously, Awards set this year are diversified as well with 30% more than last year, more than 300 titles  targeted to specific outstanding teams, projects and individuals.