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Wuzheng(Ghana) set up training seasons for local dealers

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        The sun is shining on this fertile field like a fire as always in Ghana. As one of the hottest months of the year, February is with over 60 degrees Celsius in the surface temperature. Despite this, Ghana's enthusiasm for learning and working cannot be stopped.

       On 21st, the first group of trainees ushered in the 4S stores in Kumasi, Ghana. They are technicians from dealerships in the western and northern provinces. In the next ten days, they will acquire knowledge of three-wheel vehicle assembly, parts identification, driving skills and so on as scheduled.

        In 2020, According to the planning, we give high priority onto localization, improve the  capabilities of assembly, maintenance, and sales of distributors, and cultivate sales and technical talents.

        In view of this, this technical training aims to empower local technicians with further understanding of products and maintenance capabilities, to speed up the product localization in the local market, and at the same time increase the engagement and confidence of dealers to be bound with Wuzheng Group.