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Wuzheng tricycle-all-rounder brings wealth

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When it comes to the Wuzheng WAW tricycle, the vast number of Chinese farmers and urban and rural transportation practitioners can't help but give thumbs up. Highlights such as heavy-duty, efficient, worry-free, economic, affordable…are the wording when farmers share their driving experience with us.  

Good quality and optimal localization are the key to start market development in Ivory Coast. Wuzheng WAW tricycle is not only a tool for transportation or farming solutions but also a mobility way to bring you jobs, load your dreams and carry wealth, with reliability in performance and daily routines.

SOLOMANE is a hardcore follower of Wuzheng WAW tricycle, when we paid a visit for preferential maintenance service, he was a little bit shy but tried his best to source words to share his experience as a  owner:” I am a lucky bird that I bought a WAW tricycle. Until now, I can’t help but feel fortunate that I made that decision at that time. It was that decision gives a chance for pursuing wealth.  

I transport various food and cash crops such as cassava, cashew nuts, rice, etc., with a daily income of five or six hundred yuan, and in less than three months I get the ROI. You know what? I bought another SF tricycle as well. The big weakness of it came out not only by comparison but also proved by days’of drive. I spent so much time in solving problems caused by its quality, stability and supply of accessories, which rack my brain. In the end, I had to made a crux decision to sell it and bought my second  and third WAW tricycles to support my business growth. No pains, no gains, I also share my experience with my friends who have same ambition for making money.10 of them have been WAW owners as me, which I feel most proud of. And all of us are confirmed that WAW will start up new businesses for us and support us along the road to create wealth.”

 There is a kind of happiness and satisfaction, that is, we use products and services to bring value and opportunities to customers. We witness our customers make money every day, witness they owner one more WAW tricycles, and witness them build their new houses. We always firmly believe that whatever we get is a reward after giving, if any returning without giving is accidental. Therefore, we firmly along the road to cultivate our customer and follower bases step by step based on value creation and services for them, which time will give the answer whether it is worthy or not. As a saysing goes: time will polish and prove everything in a silent way.”Wuzheng WAW has been a firmly follower of it since 1961.