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New sanitation solutions for epidemic prevention——Wuzheng officially unveil the mask of a multi-functional dust model

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Recently, a bombshell news shocked the sanitation industry that Wuzheng has developed a new spray model to provide more options for epidemic prevention.

To fulfill multifunctional solutions, this dust series provide functions of water pumping, water storage, spraying, dust reduction, road washing, dust suppression and cooling, green belt irrigation. It is adaptable to various using scenes such as spray disinfectant for a purpose of epidemic prevention with spray cannon; spray insecticide for insect exterminator with a high-range spray gun; and also used for fire extinguishing with accessible water supply ; in addition to that, the generator set can also be used as a temporary power source for power failure repairs. In short, it is an “all-rounder” technically. 


Now, based on intensified market research and many times of technical argument, small lot production has been carried out after successful prototyping period. Tasks set for the second quarter will be performance upgrades before mass production.

According to product developers:" since the early outbreak, we have  shifted our focus based on market needs under the guidance of national, governmental and industrial regulation as well as our task planning. We have realized that we have to changed our roles from a simple chassis supplier to a OEM & developer of completed vehicles, So a M2F is our way to directly communicate with consumers and markets so as to provides precise products and services."


As a company which has taken CSR as one of core missions, we have keep close attention to the needs of end consumers, market or governments, so as to develop targeted solutions.